Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I sit in and watch my child’s dance class?

While most parents have the best intentions in wanting to watch their child in dance class, as dance educators we’ve found that children are less likely to pay attention with a parent in class. We want to encourage trust between our students and their teacher. To ensure that your child gets the most out of their class and in order to eliminate class distractions as well as to implement proper safety measures, we do not allow parents or guardians to view classes in progress. We do have “Viewing Week” twice a the year where students are encouraged to bring family members to observe class. 

Why are there different programs? What’s the difference between the recreational program and the Competitive Program? 

Our studio has two primary programs, our recreational and competitive programs.  Most Company dancers start as recreational dancers and find a passion for dance and a strong desire to do more than just one class a week.  Competitive dancers have increased training hours and work in a more challenging environment with like-minded peers, attend competitions and conventions to further their training.  That type of experience isn’t for everyone.  We see many successful recreational dancers who take a couple classes a year, and just enjoy dancing and find fulfillment there.  Regardless of whether you are a company dancer or recreational dancer, we hold our students to a high standard of discipline, teamwork, and respect.  It doesn’t matter if you dance one hour a week or ten hours a week, you are a part of the Ignite team; there are people depending on you and you made a commitment to them and to yourself when you register.  We’re all in this together for the love of dance. 

I don’t see Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) classes on your schedule.  What type of ballet do you offer?

Currently at Ignite we offer open ballet classes, using key elements of RAD and Russian style ballet.  While working toward exams can be a goal for some dancers, we want to create dancers who learn more than just pre-fabricated exercises. By focusing on the technical elements of ballet, outside of a set syllabus, teachers can better assess and tailor class to the students.  This way dancers are able to gain more confidence in their ability and knowledge of ballet as a whole and can use this information in their other classes.  It allows for dancers to be more versatile, with more understanding of how ballet can help dancers in all genres.


Many studios have a holiday performance of some kind, why don’t you have a Christmas Show or Nutcracker? 

First and foremost we believe in teaching students TO dance.  And that’s very different from teaching students A dance.  The demands of a holiday show put unnecessary stress on families during one of the most wonderful times of the year!  Additionally, students have only been in class for two months, September and October, before teachers would need to start choreography for a holiday show.  We use the first four months of the season to work on technique and making sure students start the year on the right foot, without the pressure of a performance. 




How long does the dance season run for? 

Dance classes run similar to the school year, beginning the second week of September, until mid-June. Every season ends with our year end dance recital, where every student gets the opportunity to shine on stage in their class’s performance and showcase what they’re learned during the year.


What kinds of classes do you offer?
Ignite Dance Center offers jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, acro dance, hip hop, musical theatre/stage, contemporary, preschool, and adult classes.
Classes are available from ages 3 to adult.  To learn more about the styles offered at Ignite, click here. 

What should my dancer wear to class?
Our dress code ensures that students receive the best possible instruction, minimize injury, increase focus, and develop a strong sense of self-confidence and studio unity. 

Just like other activities, dance has equipment to keep the participants safe and help them perform the activity well.  You’d never show up to hockey practice without your skates! Safety, comfort, and performance are most important, which is why we have a dress code for dance.

Dance shoes and bodysuits are available for purchase directly from Ignite Dance Center.  An IDC staff member can fit your child with the right size shoe before we order them for you.  We also have Ignite shirts that students can purchase and wear for class if they like. 

Our full dress code can be found here.  Please speak to an Ignite faculty member prior to purchasing any dance wear.   


Where can I purchase dancewear? 

Most dancewear can be ordered through Ignite Dance Center. We have a full fit kit of tap, ballet, jazz, and lyrical shoes, as well as ballet bodysuits.  Once students have been correctly sized, Ignite will order your child’s dress code.   

Please refer to Ignite’s Dress Code prior to purchasing any dancewear or contact us if you have any questions. 


How many studios are there?
Ignite has three studios and each studio is suited for the various dance styles offered. All three studios have professionally installed floating wood floors with marley overlay. This style of subfloor is important to ensure the safety of our dancer’s joints.  Our marley is the ultimate multi-purpose floor ideally suited for all dance styles.  Ignite boasts two large studios, each over 900sq feet with plenty of natural light from our large windows.  Our third studio is over 300sq feet and perfect for private lessons, birthday parties, and our younger students. 


 Are there other expenses I should be aware of, beside my monthly tuition?  

Ignite Dance Center has a non refundable $50 registration fee/family, as well as a $40 costume deposit due in early November.  Each dancer is measured for a costume, which is ordered for them, and the balance, usually between $30-$40, is due in January. All costumes are yours to keep! We also have an annual Picture Day where dancers, in their costume to take a group and individual photo.  Picture Day has no cost to attend, but picture packages will be available for you to purchase from our photographer. Finally our year-end recital is a ticketed event. We try to keep tickets affordable for families between $20-$30. Videos of our recital will also be available to purchase as a keepsake.

Ignite Dance Center is a safe, inclusive space for all people.