Photo Day Information

SUNDAY JUNE 4th  10am-7pm

Photo day takes place at Ignite Dance Center #201 382 175A Street Surrey. Photos can be purchased online after the picture day event.


Your hairstyle for both the photo day and recital will be based on the genre of class your dancer is in. Please use hair eleastics and pins in the SAME colour as your dancer’s hair (no colourful barettes), and ensure hair is slick without flyaways or low bangs.
JAZZ/MUSICAL THEATRE – high ponytail, no part
LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY –  low ponytail, middle part
BALLET – low bun, middle part
TAP – low ponytail, middle part
HIP HOP – two high pigtails, middle part
ACRO 1 – Wed. 5pm + Wed. 6pm – two high pigtails, middle part
ACRO 2 + ELITE ACRO – low bun, middle part



Make up for photo day and recital will be the same. Please refer to the photo below for a detailed outline of stage make up. For students 5yrs and younger we recommend blush and red lipstick, mascara if they’ll let you 😉. Please keep in mind that we ask students to wear makeup to keep them from being washed out in photos AND on stage. We would NEVER ask students to wear this makeup on a day to day basis.


Ignite Dance Center is a safe, inclusive space for all people.