Studio Etiquiette

Dance Class Basics

Class starts on time. Students are expected to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of class. Students who are more than 15 minutes late may not be permitted into class.

Students must be prepared for class prior to entering the studio. Dancers must be wearing the appropriate dance attire, including shoes, have their hair tied back, and have their waterbottle with them.  Students are not permitted to leave class except to use the washroom. Be prepared.

Running is not permitted in the studios or in the hallway. Running is for the playground, not the dance studio.

Our dance studio is a safe space and is used by many people.  We ask that everyone who enters our space treats it with respect. Students who fail to be respectful may be asked to leave our studio.

Negative or opinionated discussion of Ignite Dance Center, students, families, or staff members is not tolerated.  Gossip and negative opinions are not valued at Ignite Dance Center.  Anyone suspected of or caught gossiping, discussing student placement/level, or negatively talking about any Ignite student, family, or staff member will not be welcome at the studio. Ignite is a drama free zone. This policy is inclusive of social media use. 

Phone use by students is limited and NOT permitted inside the studio during class. Students are required to either leave phones in their bags, or place them in a communal basket in the studio so they are available for filming at the end of the lesson as directed by the teacher.

Dance Class Basics

Dancers must wear their hair up, and off their face. No exceptions

Outdoor shoes NEVER enter the studio. Dance Studio flooring is made specifically for dance and water, dirt, debris (rocks etc) can severely damage the floor. Students are expected to use the proper equipment for dance. You wouldn’t show up to hockey without your skates and expect to play. Refer to our dress code for more detailed information for each dance style

No food or drink may enter the dance studio. Only water is permitted inside the studios. All other food/drink  must be left in the lobby.

No gum – it is a choking hazard

Students are encouraged to leave all jewelry at home for safety and security. Students are not permitted to wear jewelry in class with the exception of stud earrings.

Respect and honest communication are vitally important to create and maintain trust between teacher, staff, students and families. As a member of the Ignite Dance Center community, you accept these values and work on living them every day. This include respect for the staff, families, and students of Ignite Dance Center, respect for our beautiful dance home and keeping it clean and safe, respect for the art of dance, respect for the process fo learning and respect for our fellow dancers.

Ignite Dance Center is a safe, inclusive space for all people.