New to Dance

Welcome! We’ve got you covered.

Welcome to the wonderful world of dance! The educators at Ignite are here to make your dance experience a great one – no need to worry if you’re stepping into a real life version of “Dance Moms”, you’re not.  We know that trying something new can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience and we want to make you feel comfortable and confident before your first class! 

Here are some important things to know before registering

Dance runs like school from September to mid-June and follow all the major holidays.   

Students can take as many or as few classes per week as they’d like. There are a lot of different styles of dance that you can read about here  

There are two dance streams – recreational and competitive.  Ignite Dance Center offers both, and there are different requirements for the two different programs. You can learn more about the programs we offer HERE

Unfortunately, parents are not permitted to sit in on class.  All of our Ignite Faculty are highly trained dance educators, with up to date criminal record checks, and a lot of experience teaching children.  We offer two viewing weeks during the season so parents can see what their student has been working on.

Different styles of dance have different dress code requirements.  Wondering what you should wear to class? Click here

Arriving to Class

Arriving to dance class is a little different these days, with our COVID-19 protocols in place. Scroll down to watch our video!

We highly encourage students to arrive no more that 5-10 minutes prior to class.  Class starts at the time listed – please be early to class so we can start lessons in a timely manner.

Students may enter the studio upon arrival, in single file up the stairs. Our stairs are marked with yellow and blue tape to help keep students 6 ft apart. Anyone entering our studio must wear a mask.

When you arrive dancer are required  to sanitize their hands at the top of the stairs.  Each studio has colour coded X’s for students st, and remove your outdoor gear onto an X marked on the floor outside of your studo.  Students will then take their dance shoes and water bottle into the studio.  Once you arrive, be prepared to enter the studio and not leave until your class is done. This keeps movement through our common areas limited.

Ignite Faculty will release students from the studio, and depending on their age may bring them down to the street level.  We ask that parents wait in their cars or outside our main entrance for their child.  Due to COVID-19 our lobby is closed and no waiting is permitted.  If you’d like to speak to a Director please come up stairs AFTER the students have been brought into class and wait on the yellow dot in reception.

Ignite Dance Center is a safe, inclusive space for all people.